WR Biz Owners Support Menino’s New Forum for Women-Owned Businesses

One of the main points of Boston Mayor Thomas Menino’s State of the City address was gender equality. Menino announced the forming of “Women on Main”, a new networking forum for women-owned businesses in Boston’s Main Streets districts.

Women-owned businesses like the block of Fairview Corner, which touts a row of all women-owned businesses: Kalembar Dune, Top It Off, Fabutique, and BakerBaker.

The block is owned by Shirley Walsh, who also owns Kalembar Dune. Menino’s speech really struck a chord with Walsh. “As a woman, mother of two daughters, and business owner in Boston, grateful for being educated at one of the premier all-girls public schools in Boston (Girls’ Latin School – now sadly demised) I am thrilled by the focus and attention that our mayor is putting on the issue of pay equity. It is one of the ‘elephants in the room’ – we all know abut it, yet seem powerless to correct.”

Top It Off’s Elizabeth Hoenscheid attended the State of the City address and posted the following on the business’ Facebook page: “Honored to be there with Women on Main businesses and Women’s Workforce Council to see Mayor Menino’s powerful address on City of Boston (Government) plan for empowering more women to economic success. Thank you!”