Views heard on plans for West Roxbury’s Billings Field Playground

West Roxbury —

Residents expressed mixed feelings about the improvement plans for Billings  Field Playground presented at the community meeting on Thursday, Feb. 21, at the  West Roxbury Public Library. Although most residents acknowledged that the park  was due for an upgrade, several attendees remained vocal in their disapproval,  saying the plans risked turning the playground into “Six Flags.”

The meeting, the second in a series set up by the Boston Parks and Recreation  Department, outlined three improvement plans by landscape architecture firm  Warner Larson, Inc., for the playground. Working with a proposed budget of  $410,000, the firm offered various plans for revitalizing the space while  addressing residential concerns that were collected at the last meeting on Jan.  7.

“It’s important as designers to get your input,” said David Warner, president  of Warner Larson, Inc., and one of the landscape architects on the project.

Unanswered residential concerns

Many residents at the meeting felt that the planned improvements were still  not addressing a fundamental issue — parking.

Residents living on streets around the park, such as Sturges Road, said that  there are already insufficient parking spots, and the plans to maximize the  space would only cause more problems.

West Roxbury Neighborhood Coordinator Chris Tracy assured residents that  more patrols would be posted around the area to enforce parking rules, new signs  would be put up on the affected blocks, and more resident parking permits given  out to those affected. Yet the police officer present said this issue is simply  a part of living near a public space.

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