Evening Garden Club Offers Tips for Holiday Plants

If you’re like millions of Americans, there’s a flowering houseplant in your holiday future. Poinsettia heads the “Big Three” list of holiday plants, with over $250 million in annual sales, followed by Christmas cactus and amaryllis. All are relatively carefree, but unless you know what to shop for, you could end with a disappointing poinsettia, a fractious cactus, or the dreaded amaryllis “unfulfill-us.”

“Christmas” Cactus Checklist
Most of the Christmas cacti sold are actually Thanksgiving cacti, which bloom earlier. So, if you want abundant blooms on Dec. 25, delay your purchase until closer to the holiday (Retailers will re-stock through mid-December).

Choose a plant with both buds and blossoms. Plants can flower for 4-6 weeks, but individual blooms last only 7-9 days.
Avoid plants that are lopsided or have damaged stems or signs of bruising.
As with poinsettias, loosely wrap the cactus for the journey home.

Temperature, light and watering requirements are generally similar to poinsettias, except water from the bottom, and add a pebble tray for humidity.

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Written by: Anne Morgan

As if brilliant holiday flowers aren’t enough reward, remember: Poinsettias, Christmas cacti and amaryllises are all perennials. Come summer, you can move them to your garden. And — with a little TLC — they will re-bloom next holiday season. Check the Internet for “how-to” info.

Have fun with your new plants … and best wishes for the best bloomin’ holidays ever.

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Ann Morgan is vice president of The Evening Garden Club of West Roxbury and associate editor of Mayflower, the official publication of the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc.