Mary Mulvey Jacobson’s Families in Need

Remembering a Hero

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Please join us for our fundraising evening in Jamaica Plain to support Mary Mulvey Jacobson’s Families in Need, serving Parkway families experiencing hardships. March 24th would have been Mary’s 64th birthday so we are excited to have the opportunity to kick off our fundraising efforts to keep Families in Need going on this special day! We will have raffles, light appetizers will be served and there will be a cash bar.

Admission tickets are $25 each and can be purchased here:… or by mailing a check to: Families in Need, P.O. Box 320113, West Roxbury MA, 02132. Email WRBPA2@gmail.comwith any questions about donations or tickets.

A bit of background on Families in Need:
Twenty seven years ago, Mary Mulvey Jacobson decided to find a way to help those in her community who couldn’t make ends meet at the holidays. After much research, she worked with the Parkway YMCA, local businesses and Parkway residents to deliver full turkey dinners with all the trimmings to those struggling to afford a special meal at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and called the program Families in Need.
In the first few years Mary provided meals to ten to twenty families. She made sure they had food on the table during the holidays, thanks to the efforts of a handful of volunteers. As time passed, more and more people experiencing financial hardship were referred to Families in Need and Mary recruited more help.
Last year, thanks to all this collective hard work, well over 150 families received these food donations and over 100 people volunteered to make it happen.
Families in Need has become a wonderful Holiday Season tradition, helping people within and beyond the Parkway Community. Every November and December, Mary would put in an astronomical amount of time and energy to ensure that these families were taken care of. Without countless hours of dedication, this program would not be what it is today. We want to be able to expand this program to helping folks year round.
Unfortunately, as you may know, Mary passed away in May of 2017. Her family, friends and members of our community miss her dearly. We fondly remember her for her compassion, dedication, friendship, and wonderful sense of humor. It is in the spirit of these great memories that we want to ensure that Mary’s legacy continues. We are working to keep Families in Need a successful holiday tradition in our community.